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Dutch traditions with a modern twist

From my studio I make jewelry inspired by old Dutch traditions, such as Zeeland buttons and Staphorster dot work. This jewelry is made of gold, silver, pearls , red coral and porcelain. Last year I created a Vermeer collection for the Rijksmuseum as part of the Vermeer exhibition.

Hester Zagt


When I went on holiday to Drenthe with my parents, brothers and sister in the 1970s, I was never really enthusiastic. Our days were filled with walking and cycling. I thought that was really terrible. Except when we cycled past Staphorst. Then I bawled my eyes out. I was completely fascinated by the people in traditional costumes...


I like working with porcelain, often in light colors. It is durable and the traditional costume motifs look beautiful on it.
Zeeuwse ketting bloedkoraal en witte parel - Hester Zagt

Jewelry of the month

Every month a piece of jewelry is offered via the website, which has been newly designed. This piece of jewelry is not (yet) available in stores and is exclusively available via the website. You can get this for a month at a 20% discount. If you are interested in this offer, you can sign up for the monthly newsletter. Then I will keep you informed!

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